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7/3/08 7:51:39PM
Well I just started a 2 week vacation from work and I F'n happy as I can be it well needed and I goin up to Twin Lakes one of the most beautiful places in the word right in Colorado my home state I wish my buddies on here a few good days as im gonna sign off and head up soon to do some camping and fishing and spend some time with my wonderful family
7/3/08 7:55:24PM
Have a great and safe trip!
7/3/08 8:19:22PM
Lucky you, I have to start working next week. But thats ok, I need the money. Enjoy your vacation, nothing better then a little time off after working so hard.
7/3/08 8:38:04PM
Nice.......Enjoy, have a good time, it will fly by
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