Utah Jazz Owner has both legs amputated!

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1/23/09 10:29:32PM


When do we usually here bad luck happen to the rich? How about a multi -millionare?. Well today, the Utah Jazz owner had both legs amputated. Ouch.
I must say, other then losing my manhood, this would be just as bad.

But you know this guy will just get himself a set of exspensive fake legs. Prob close to the million dollar range.

1/23/09 10:30:40PM
Lieutenant Dan!
1/23/09 11:13:43PM
That sucks, but I'm sure as rich as he is he'll be 1st in line to get cybornetic legs. lol that sounds awesome actually, may take years to perfect though so he's a wheelchair warrior til then.
1/24/09 12:02:25AM
Wow, that sucks. Ya don't ever want to hear about this happening to anyone.

I know it's not a laughing matter, but I can't get this image out of my head...I think I just secured my seat in hell.

1/24/09 12:19:12AM
I live in Utah and that is really sad to me. He is a really good guy
1/24/09 12:19:12AM
I owe you props grappler. Hilarious. Must spread love....
1/24/09 12:21:11AM
It wasn't travelling! It was a "crab dribble" !
1/24/09 3:37:44AM

Posted by grappler0000

1/24/09 5:58:22PM
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