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7/23/07 7:04:52PM

Posted by SSfighter51

pssh. im a wrestler and grappler. whats your tai for me when it goes to the ground? catch your kicks and turn them into takedowns?

Obviously Muay Thai isnt much help on the ground, but thats MMA for you. I dont ever intend to fight in MMA, but obviously I wouldnt go into an MMA fight without a full skill set, with some subs and GnP for you, if you even survived the stand up onslaught.

MMA is great to watch, but I love the stand up game too much to ever bother learning the full MMA skill set, I just dont care about fighting in MMA, Im much more focused on becoming the best Nak Muay I can be.
7/23/07 9:45:32PM
if i was young and interested in making a splash in the mma world i would learn:

muay thai

in that order

you will be good on your feet, your back, and on top as well as have great takedowns from the judo and wrestling. the future of the sport is being well rounded imo.
7/25/07 2:53:38AM
Sambo seems to work pretty well for Fedor, hint hint.

Anyway, conditioning > any martial art.

Obviously I don't mean as a substitute, but its more important than technique in training, once again not substitute for technique.
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