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POLL: Do you think the USA really landed on the moon?
Yes 52% (16)
No 39% (12)
Not sure 10% (3)
10/17/07 3:08:40PM
I was just reading about he conpiracy theory that the USA never really landed on the moon and that the whole think was fake. Tell me what you think. Here is a link to some evidence.
10/17/07 3:29:47PM
well, man, they bring back this theory almost every year, so no big deal.

when the chinese will show the image HD of the moon at a very close range, you will probably see the eagle and all the stuff left on it !!!

and the fact that we don't see stars behind in the pictures is just a optical illusion, because of the fact that there are no atmosphere on the moon and also that the picture quality by that time was not very good.

i will stop here, it is almost a joke at this point !!!

10/17/07 3:57:32PM
It was a monkey dressed as a guy
10/17/07 5:12:08PM
That article seems to disprove the hoax more than anything.
10/17/07 5:28:12PM
Did the USA land on the moon? Maybe. Do I care? Not really...
10/17/07 5:30:01PM
Of course the usa landed on the moon. You don't think that Michael Jackson learned to walk like that by himself do you?
10/17/07 6:06:44PM
You bring up a conspiracy theory and use wikpedia to decide whether its real or not. Something about that just seems kind of stupid. and yes the U.S.A. did land on the moon.
10/17/07 6:37:04PM
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