Urijah Faber video interview on Sherdog (Faber vs. Torres? Griffin? Penn?)

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9/9/08 9:54:12AM
Faber Comments on WEC Postponement

From the interview with T.J. De Santis, Things that make you go "hmm..."

De Santis: Mike Brown is obviously next for you, but after that, at least Stateside, there's not too many guys left for you. A Kid Yamamoto fight has always been elusive for you. Would you ever consider going down to 135 and making a mega-fight with Miguel Torres?

Faber: I would contemplate that; I don't think now is the time, really. I feel like there's still some tough '45-pounders out there that are established but haven't been seen by the public yet. So I want to keep fighting at 145. I'd definitely be down for going down to 135, maybe go up to 155 at some point for some super-fights, but my home is the '45s.

De Santis: The dream matchup for you at '55 is a rematch with Tyson Griffin. Is that something you'd be interested in?

Faber: That would be one thing that I am definitely interested in, but I would also like to do a Champion-vs-Champion thing in the UFC. Right now it's B.J., I don't know if he's planning to come back down, [or] what's going to happen with that belt. At some point before my career is over, I could see that happening, but like I said, I'm still looking to establish the 145s, and I've got a lot of guys coming after the belt.
9/9/08 1:13:46PM
Plus i would love to see a Faber/Pulver 2... I expect bout the same... but it was such a great fight I would not mind a second coming..
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