Urijah Faber vs. Scott Jorgensen slotted as new main event for TUF 17 Finale

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2/27/13 1:38:02AM
With the flyweight title fight getting scrapped after Johnson got injured, the UFC has booked a new main event.

2/27/13 2:44:09AM
I think Jorgensen will be in for a long night.
2/27/13 3:07:25AM
Awesome fight. Both guys hit hard and know how to scramble and hustle. I think Jorgensen gets outclassed by a guy who's just a bit better everywhere, but it should be fun to watch.
2/27/13 3:22:36AM
unless that fight produces fireworks, which i expect it will, itll be a pretty weak main event
2/27/13 6:24:01AM
This is the only logical fight for Faber based off the availability of the divisions top 10. Not as good of a main event as the fly weight title fight but deff going to be a great fight, Faber vs wrestlers is almost always guaranteed excitement
2/27/13 7:37:22AM

Posted by Budgellism

I think Jorgensen will be in for a long night.

Or possibly a very short night. Scotty is very tough to sub though so you might be right
2/27/13 9:27:27AM
This is a great fight.

Urijah is going to be to much for Scotty in every area in my honest opinion.
2/27/13 9:27:27AM
This should do, for one it's a good fight and for two TUF Finales aren't usually Title defenses so I am fine with that as well.
2/27/13 10:07:04AM
Sick fight. Young Guns may be in for some trouble tho. Hes skilled but not skilled enough to beat a guy like Faber. Faber via sub, second round, sounds about right.
2/27/13 10:41:53AM
I'm not too excited about this one, but they had to get something together on short notice, and it probably gets Faber another win that will help justify him getting an upcoming title shot.
2/27/13 11:20:47AM
I'm excited for the fight itself but a little bummed they couldn't find something a little better for the main event.
2/27/13 11:54:27AM
i'm not expecting jorgensen to pull the win out but it would put a smile on my face if he does
2/27/13 1:46:27PM
Nice fight
Faber wants to make quick work on Scotty
Probably earn another shit at barao
2/27/13 2:08:18PM
i guess i still had TUF on the brain.

I got off work & thought Dana had tweeeted "Uriah Hall vs Scott Jorgensen" & figured dana had been hacked.

good matchup, but think Faber will be too much
2/27/13 2:13:17PM
UFC just does not Scotty a break.


He could easily got 1-3 and may get his walking papers.
2/27/13 4:40:59PM
Lackluster main event
But with the quality of fighters on this season of TUF this card can probably get away with it