Urijah Faber Says MMA Needs Chael Sonnen

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6/29/12 8:28:43PM
One thing most people can agree on about Chael Sonnen is that he is one of the most polarizing figures in mixed martial arts. But that’s about it.

Not many people have the insight into Sonnen’s background to see how he became the brazen character that finally got under the skin of current UFC champion Anderson Silva, pushing and prodding him until he cracked and unleashed the brutal tirade we heard on the recent UFC 148 media conference call promoting their July 7 rematch.

Many will debate whether or not Sonnen even has a place in MMA, a sport that has roots in the more disciplined approach of traditional martial arts. Former WEC champion and current UFC interim title contender Urijah Faber isn’t among them.

“I think this sport needs guys like Chael Sonnen,” said Faber at a recent question and answer session.

6/29/12 8:34:34PM
I've been one of the people on the side of wanting him to shut up but man is he a brilliant SOB. I coulda given 2 shits about the guy other than he was from Oregon but he definetly changed that. He has more than stood out, he is absolutely polarizing and in terms of marketing and selling a fight he is a genius
6/29/12 9:10:52PM
MMA does not need to be any more like pro wrestling. Rivalry is great, to a certain extent, but when Chael disrespects an entire nation, I don't feel that's good for MMA.
6/29/12 10:01:01PM
Faber is right, MMA needs more upstanding citizens and outstanding fighters like Chael

And less filth and scum like anDEE.
6/29/12 10:06:05PM
I don't think mma needs someone who only talks about one person, over and over and over.
6/29/12 10:53:45PM
While Sonnen does cross the line every once in a while...he certainly is entertaining.
6/30/12 12:21:54AM

Posted by Sir_Karl

While Sonnen does cross the line every once in a while...he certainly is entertaining.

He is a definite Linestepper, but I find him to be very amusing. The material he comes up can be so disrespectful it is funny. The "Nogueira Bus/Horse Incident" is a prime example.
6/30/12 1:16:56AM
Meh, maybe if his fighting style was exciting and he finished fights... just not into the WWF theatrics and at the end of the day he calls it an act while getting away with saying anything he wants or using that same trolling to get fights and attention...

Need is a strong word.