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2/16/12 3:31:35PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

so does rabi get a pass since his fighter's fight got cancelled?

Yes. Anything else would be unfair IMO.
2/16/12 3:34:40PM
I'm down for whatever.
2/16/12 6:39:49PM
Congrats to Michael_Corleone who wins season 2 of upset special.
2/16/12 6:41:10PM
Its unfortunate, but I think Michael_Corleone won fair and square, its the unluck of the draw.

Ill have to make up for it in season 3.
2/16/12 11:23:15PM
Bittersweet finish. This is like winnig a fight via cut, but a win is a win. Thanks for the props guys.

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