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4/19/08 11:45:18AM
there are a couple battles that intrigue me

first is the bisping vs mccarthy fight,
mccarthy last fought on the ultimate fighter 4 finale, which was like a year and a half ago. i haven't heard from him since, i don't know what to expect same guy or new and improved. i know months ago when this was a rumor bout i might have said mccarthy would be a walk through, but now i think maybe he will be a tough fight for bisping and the ufc knew what they were doing all along.

second fight is the ed herman vs damien maia
love this fight, was hoping it would be on main card, if ed can avoid take downs keep it on the feet he could probably get a decision. only thing is the guy he is facing is a ground wizard, and i really don't think ed will stuff each take down attempt , kind of like the big nog vs timmy fight if it hits the ground no bell is gpnna save short fuse this time around. but then again ed could try to take his head off and knock him out. this one will be a late deciding pick, for me, still changing my mind on this one.

and last fight
another which i would have loved to watch is no love vs stout. stout can knock him out but given that anthony johnson and melvin who are both power punchers could not knock him out i doubt stout will. i bet against clementi his last two fights and he gave me no love for it by cleaning my betting money out, i said to my self i would not bet against the dude in the next fight, i am sticking to it, i am hoping rich will submit him if it goes to a decision stout might just win.

are there any bouts on the card that has your nerves jumping, or making you crazy to decide on the points and wagers like me.
4/19/08 1:00:37PM
Good pre fight thoughts, but im sticking with serra being the upset of the night again. GSP looked pumped at the weigh ins, but serra looked cool as they come, he's ready to shock canada and the mma world for a second time. No shock to me though, serra all the way, 3rd round tko/submission.
4/19/08 1:59:45PM
....serra could shock the world again...........

.....keep the car running longo! LOL
4/19/08 2:01:11PM
im not gonna pick it, but i wouldnt be all that suprised if lutter beats franklin. if he gets rich to the ground he definitely has the ability to sub him.
4/19/08 2:30:40PM
THE CHAINSAW is goin to shred THE COUNT Bisping
4/19/08 2:31:08PM
Bocek over Danzig. i have danzig to win but i think bocek might have a few tricks up his sleeves
4/19/08 2:34:08PM
I'm thinking Lutter and Serra both have a VERY, VERY good chance at throwing an upset in the mix.

People definitely aren't giving Lutter the credit he deserves, and with Serra it's not that he isn't getting credit, it's just that those hands are going to want to sneak through again.
4/19/08 4:44:12PM
mccarthy for the upset.
4/19/08 5:00:51PM
I think Lutter and McCarthy have good chances to score upset wins.
4/19/08 5:02:42PM
Lutter will submit Franklin...all the way!!!
4/19/08 5:24:56PM
we will find out in a few hours
4/20/08 1:13:00PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

THE CHAINSAW is goin to shred THE COUNT Bisping

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