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4/18/08 9:51:49AM
At UFC 86 Forrest vs. Rampage Forrest will pull off the upset with a round 4 guillatine choke as Rampage trys to slam him!!

But the real concern is what happens after that, who gets the next title shot...

I think that Matt Hamill, he is basically undefeated besides the time he got screwed over in the Bisping fight, which HE won not Bisping, he would beat down Rampage, and I don't like to say it, because Forrest is my favorite fighter, but he would probably beat down Forrest.

4/18/08 10:06:28AM
matt hamill couldnt beat down forrest forrest will become champion that night when he beats rampage and i will go crazy and light up a doobie
4/18/08 10:38:14AM
I like Forrest over Rampage, but too many people are picking that one. Shoot, Rampage might end up being the underdog in that one by the time July 5 rolls around.

As long as Forrest uses that amazing sprawl that he showed against Tito, there aren't too many guys that can take him down consistently. Hamill is maybe the only one. I know that Rampage is strong as hell, but Rampage is a lot like Tito (although he's a much better striker) and might try to take Forrest down before just committing to fighting Griffin standing up.
4/18/08 11:51:32AM
There is absolutely no way hammil would beat rampage down!! Hes nowhere near title contention at this point, Hammils never even fought a top ten fighter never mind beaten one. Hes got a hell of a long way to go before he can even hang with rampage.
4/18/08 2:57:45PM
I don't see Forrest submitting Rampage. Rampage is going to win by TKO.
4/18/08 3:34:22PM
RAMPAGE BY 2ND ROUND TKO!!!!!!!! i don't see why u guys believe that just because he beat shogun that will beat rampage. Rampage is on a roll right now so that's that. It will be close until forrest gets rocked and put away.
4/18/08 4:25:21PM
Their is no way Forrest will beat Rampage and no way Hamil will beat either. Hamil has the better chance against Forrest but Forrest has a good sprawl and the stand up would like Kimbo-Tank. Hamil would try to dirty box like Tank but Forrest would pick him apart with straight punches like Kimbo did to Tank and wouldn't dirty box with him. Don't even get me started with Hamil beating Rampage. Rampage is too strong for Hamil to out wrestle him and Rampage would beat him on the feet. As simple as that.

As for Forrest-Rampage, it's absolutely disgusting how many people are actually picking Forrest. Yeah Forrest has a great sprawl, but when have you ever seen Rampage shoot for a double leg takedown? The only time I've seen that happen is when Wandy hurt him with knees and Shogun broke his ribs so Rampage was desperate so he shot in. Rampage rushes you against the ropes/cage and picks you up from the clinch and slams you. He does not shoot double legs so Forrest sprawl won't do much.

And Forrest is not going to hurt Rampage on the feet. Rampage has the better stand up IMO. Forrest > then anybody as far as heart goes, but Rampage has a way better chin. It took Jardine one shot to drop Forrest and Rampage hits harder then Jardine. It took Wandy about 10-20 knees both times to put Rampage down, and he only was able to KO Rampage the second time. The first time Rampage smiled as the ref stopped it. Shogun broke Rampage rib and Rampage was trying to tell his corner to stop the fight but they refused so Shogun destroyed Rampage but he still didn't knock Rampage out. I say Rampage takes Forrest out in the second in a freakin war though!!!!!
4/18/08 5:13:39PM
this fight is not going 4 rounds, someone will get knocked out, and rampage has more power to do that and more experience.
4/18/08 5:23:47PM
Hamill is a long ways away from a title shot , if it is any one it should be Lyoto(if he can beat Tito) or Keith (if he can beat Silva) or even the winner of Liddell/Evans but NOT Hamill yet
4/18/08 5:43:12PM
Hamil won't ever crack the top 5 LHW in his career imo. i just don't see it, that division is way to stacked. i see Rampage, Shogun, Machida, Forrest, Liddell, Hendo, Jardine and Wandy being able to defeat him. i can see him beating Evans or Tito, maybe even pull off a win against some of the names i listed but i just can't see him being better then say number 7. his wrestling is solid, his chin seems pretty solid and he hits hard but he has a lot of holes in his game that a lot of the top tier fighters can exploit imo.

Oh, and Rampage is going to beat Forrest imho...stylistically this is great or Rampage as i see him having the better wrestling and striking. i see this being a brawl with Rampage getting the better of the exchanges. Rampage will do exactly what Jardine did and find Griffin's KO switch for the win in the 3rd imo.
4/18/08 6:32:29PM
First off I don't think that Forrest will beat Rampage. Second I don't know why Matt Hamil is even being considered for a title shot after this fight no matter who wins. There are so many LHW that are in line for a title shot before him. Chuck, Machida, T. Silva, W. Silva, Jardine, Rua, Rashad....
Beating Tim Boetsch does not qualify being considered a #1 contender
4/18/08 9:22:36PM

Hamill is not even close to getting a title shot and you guys got to be joking forrest has no chance against rampage. rampage by tko 1st round
4/20/08 4:24:18PM
If Forrest wins he's gonna fight Chuck if he wins. If Rampage wins he fights Machida if he wins...If Machinda loses and Rampage wins Rampage will get either Jardine or Wandy.....
4/20/08 9:56:52PM
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