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6/14/08 6:45:13PM
thats why were here man. anytime.
6/17/08 8:14:48PM

Posted by The_Notorious_ZIG

N.O. Xplode has the Creatine Ethyl Ester in it... and I will say that I experienced no bloating or water retention at all like I did when I took Creatine Monohydrate.

I'm not a supplement junkie by any means....but I have never experienced a more intense workout and the ability to push myself for long periods of time than when I work out with N.O. Xplode. Not sure of the science behind it and there are other ingredients that I'm sure contribute to the effect I felt....but it was a much better experience .....for me anyway.

I don't take it religiously, but even when I'm not taking it I don't feel like I've lost much of the strength and endourance I gained. As long as I continue to work out of course.

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