Update on Frank Trigg, Denies HDNet Fight Rumors

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11/9/07 8:44:13PM
Frank Trigg told listeners of TAGG Radio today that he has no knowledge of a rumored fight with Edwin Dewees. He said he's heard the rumors and is in talks with HDNet Fights, but that he's also in talks with just about every other major MMA promotion as well.

11/10/07 1:52:59AM
I hope that this is true, because i'd rather he fight in a championship fight, than a regular fight against Dewees, which he'll most likely win. Being in a title fight is a good thing for your career, even if you lose. I don't think people will remember him as much for fighting Dewees, than they would for him fighting Filho.
11/10/07 3:51:55AM
of course a solid win against dewees may look a lot better than watching him gasping for air with filho on his back...
11/10/07 3:55:56AM
If one were writing a book on Frank Trigg's life, would you rather have more pages written into the "my search for gold" chapter, or a paragraph or two on how he worked over Edwin Dewees? No offense to Dewees, but think about this. When NFL teams are trying to get into the Super Bowl, sure there is a loser, but you go down in record books for being there. Unless it's a unbelievable fight, then like regular season games, most are forgotten by the average fan.
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