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POLL: what would be the biggest upset if it were to happen in the next few ufcs ?
kenflo over penn 14% (7)
griffen over silva 30% (15)
coleman over tito . 18% (9)
winner of cain /shane over lesnar 14% (7)
kongo over mir 4% (2)
shogun over lyoto 20% (10)
8/8/09 1:50:43PM
which would be the biggest upset in your eyes ?

...i picked shogun over lyoto ...i just cant see machida losing to rua .
8/8/09 1:53:34PM
Coleman over Tito in my eyes.
8/8/09 2:16:31PM
Forrest over Anderson for me.
8/8/09 2:25:22PM
of course the choice here would be forrest over the spider... but i do admit that coleman beating ortiz would leave me
8/8/09 2:30:09PM
I picked Coleman over Tito. That would just be a huge upset to me.
8/8/09 3:50:09PM
Coleman/Tito, i dont understand this fight at all...
8/8/09 4:13:49PM
If Tito had not been out the last almost 2 years and coming off of back surgery, I would have definately picked that one...but who knows how that layoff will affect him..I mean he's been out, while Coleman has been mixing it up with Shogun and Bonnar....so you never know

I took Forrest over Anderson, not that Forrest is that outragously overmatched...but more so that his straight forward, break your will style of fighting, will play straight into the Spiders Web...and it will make for a nice KO
8/8/09 4:16:51PM
has to be kongo over mir or coleman over tito every other fight has potential built in.

I picked the Tito fight but after thinking about it I have to go with Kongo beating Mir. Mir has SOME stand up and a fairly good chin and Kongo has no ground game and more importantly dismal TDD.

Coleman is just old.
8/8/09 4:20:36PM
went with kenflo over bj, i dont see anyway for kenny to beat bj except by decision and i really dont think he can last that long. as much as kenny has improved and everyone talks about it, i dont see him as an elite LW, just a very good one. i could see a scenario in any of the other fights where a guy could grab a sub or get the KO, i dont think kenny can finish bj though.
8/8/09 4:33:21PM
i gotta go with coleman over tito i was in udder shock when he beat bonner!!
i mean beat him up physically,
8/8/09 5:41:47PM
Coleman over Tito, it will be rather scary, heck if that happened I would call Coleman Randy's long lost brother
8/8/09 7:04:14PM
Coleman over Tito should be the biggest upset.Love to see it,also.Mark is trying to get the credit now for the things he has allready done,i think.He is a warrior for sure,but his prime must be 10 years old.What he did to Bonner totally shocked me,and i was happy for him.I just think that,that was his last win in the octogon!!!!I f Tito loses to Mark,he is just as finnished as he was after his last fight.
8/8/09 7:24:30PM
Lesnar getting destroyed by Carwin or Valesquez
8/9/09 11:20:23AM
two down, so far so good for 19 of us. im interested to see what happens with the rest of these now.
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