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6/6/07 10:49:29AM

Ken Shamrock’s Lion’s Den is a team and a family. Just ask any of the fighters belonging to this elite fight club. Whether they are Den fighters, IFL fighters, or both--such as in the case of Vernon “Tiger” White--they will all tell you that the Lion’s Den is a unified organization.

But the Lion’s Den is more than a group of fighters. This unit would not be complete without the coaches, trainers, office staff, and even their agent, Rodney Donohoo, Esq.

Donohoo, a 1989 Magna Laude graduate from California Western School of Law, was referred to Ken Shamrock when the hall-of-famer required legal assistance in a civil suit brought by opposing MMA fighter. While most attorneys would have encouraged their clients to settle, Donohoo agreed that Shamrock was morally and legally in the right and boldly took the case to trial.
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