Unrepentant King Mo says keeping hands low had nothing to do with KO loss

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2/25/13 7:52:41PM
Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal lost in the semi-final round of his first Bellator tournament last week but he tells an interviewer it had nothing to do with his habit of keeping his hands low.

2/25/13 8:55:56PM
Sorry Mo....ya lost me with the mentioning of Jeff Mayweather.....
2/25/13 9:24:46PM
Unrepentant seems to be the right word.

With any luck it'll happen again.
2/25/13 10:05:26PM
Just like the fact that THIS championship-winning goal had NOTHING to do with the fact that Liverpool was playing against an "empty-net" right Mo? As a perfect example, yes it was an awesome move (70 yd goal in this case, spinning back fist in Mo's case) in & of itself, but a simple defense could have easily deflected both!
ALSO: "King Mo says keeping hands low had nothing to do with KO loss" yet his counter argument is

"I didn't even see the shot. A lot of people saying that I was fighting cocky and with my hands down, but if you watch it, when he missed with his right hand, I threw a right hand and then he came with the spinning backfist...so he kind of caught me in the act of punching"

So he's saying, no it wasn't because my hands were down, it was because..I had just thrown a punch at the same time...which...errrr...kind of....left my hands "not as up as they could have been!, but not DOWN" :S
2/25/13 10:09:00PM
And I will add, I'm not a soccer freak, I just knew an "empty-net" goal whether in soccer or hockey would be a perfect example to counter-argue Mo's point...so I quickly googled an "awesome championship winning goal against an 'empty net'" & that's what I found haha...Turns out, works quite well as a perfect analogy
2/25/13 10:31:44PM
He's right his cocky attitude that allows him to think keeping his hands down is ok. Thats why he lost that fight. You're a world class wrestler take everyone down sit on their chest and punch them until the ref ends the fight. Its not complicated.
2/26/13 1:24:26AM
Call me crazy, but I kind of agree with the loudmouth. It happened so quickly that I didn't really see it as him leaving his hands down, but getting countered after throwing a combination. His showboating is very stupid and he needs to cut the shit, but I'm not positive it was the reason for this loss.
2/26/13 2:41:22AM
He was leaving his hands down the entire fight. If the spinning backlist didn't catch him something else would have imo. He needs to keep his hands up and like postman said, he should be wrestling more and trying the finish the fight from on top.
2/26/13 2:27:36PM
Bellator really fucked up pairing Mo and Newton in the semis.
2/27/13 5:45:23PM
"Protect yourself at all times."