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8/4/12 7:13:26PM
There was a " no decision" result in the Phil Davis fight. He unintentionaly poked his opponent in the eye ....hard. Why doesnt a fighter get 5 minutes to recover from an eye poke....they do for a groin strike. Most times the "poke" is not detrimental except for the first minute or so. Let the guy get past the "Blinky" stage of an eye pokle and then ask him if he can go? Is it just me or not!!??
8/4/12 7:19:55PM
I think there was a communcation problem between the fighter and the doctor, the fighter said he couldnt see, the doctor stopped the fight.
8/4/12 7:31:33PM
Damn. That would have been a legendary fight too. I wish they could have contingency plans for this stuff- like a 5 minute wait, and a translator for when the ref talks to the fighter
8/4/12 7:35:52PM
The 5 minutes is at the discretion of the fighter, when it is a groin strike. For all other fouls, there is up to 5 minutes allowed as well, but at the discretion of the officials (ref, doctor). Most refs will take just enough time to assess, so a fighter can't abuse the rest period.

edit: to address what Rabi said...the doctor will ask you if you can see and the ref will ask you if you can continue. Answering "No" to either pretty much ends the fight.
8/4/12 7:46:27PM
The fact he was bleeding from the eye also looked bad!
8/4/12 8:11:03PM
Prado hit davis pretty hard too davis didnt like it.......

8/4/12 10:14:52PM
Also saw on twitter something about Prado saying he was seeing double.
8/4/12 10:19:05PM

Posted by Rabi

The fact he was bleeding from the eye also looked bad!

To me the cut looked right below the eye.
8/4/12 11:56:54PM
I'm just glad this fight might get moved to the Minneapolis card on October 5th if Prado's eye is ok. So says Dana White at the press conference
8/5/12 5:37:12PM
Doctor asked how many people he saw, the guy said 2, and the doctor called it off. Funny enough though, there really were 2 people in front of him.
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