Unforgettable: Bas Rutten Discusses His Greatest Opponents

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9/6/12 4:10:46PM
A near-mythological figure in the world of combat sports, Bas Rutten‘s achievements include three King of Pancrase titles, a UFC heavyweight championship, broadcasting gigs for PRIDE and Inside MMA, various movie cameos, and a starring role in the greatest instructional video of all time. “El Guapo” was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time this week to discuss his legendary fight career, and the opponents who stood out across a number of categories. Show your appreciation by following Bas on Twitter and Facebook, and watch out for his latest big-screen appearance in the MMA comedy flick Here Comes the Boom next month.

Toughest chin: That has to be Masakatsu Funaki and my last opponent Ruben Villareal. Funaki I hit and kneed so hard that my palms and knee were bruised, until the final knee where I grabbed Funaki’s hair and drilled the knee in his face, but boy, every time he got back up, it was crazy. Villareal, although I had a rib out and couldn’t hit a bag the last two weeks [of training], I still hit him hard, and right on his chin every time. First he said to me, “Damn, you’re fast.” I said “Thank you,” then I hit him again and he said, “And you hit hard.” I told him, “Apparently not hard enough!” It was funny.

9/6/12 6:29:10PM
Hey bro, I think you are deleting the colon that goes after http, either that , or you aren't highlighting it to copy. that's why half your links don't work.

Good thread though, love Rutten and his passion for body shots is shared by me
9/6/12 6:41:10PM
yea i think i might have deleted something

my bad guys, i'll pay more attention
9/7/12 10:31:03AM
Bas has cool stories. He should write a book (maybe he has?).
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