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8/28/07 6:24:09PM
wait, why do they keep letting him out of jail???krazy sh*t
8/28/07 7:32:56PM
Because our justice system is ******.
8/28/07 8:26:28PM
They better let him out I love watching him fight.
8/28/07 9:50:42PM
lol... he looks stoned in a lot of the pictures.
8/29/07 12:09:36AM
He just got KTFO . go joe
8/29/07 12:53:57AM
man I didn'tknow he went to jail that many times, I knew he went to jail but not that many times, it's funny to see all his head shots. I hope he stays out of jail so that he can maybe someday come to the UFC he's a really good fighter.
8/29/07 9:30:02AM
He went to jail once for beating a pregnant woman, enough said.. he's nuts and deserves to get his ass handed to him.
8/29/07 3:55:18PM
i think he also assaulted hid grandmother
8/30/07 12:44:51PM
I don't agree with a lot of the stuff Krazy Horse gets in trouble for, but I love to watch him fight.

That video was funny, it fits him good.
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