UFC Undisputed 3 gameplay trailer!!!

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8/18/11 3:19:09AM
8/18/11 5:59:53AM
I'm liking the new moves.
The only flaw that seems obvious to me is that the commentating seems to be re-hashed from the previous 2 games. I might have only noticed this because I just played Undisputed 2010 yesterday, and then I saw a youtube comment that mentions it as well. (though youtube comments are pretty lame for the most part if not totally halarious)

Wish they would have showed Pride mode too.
8/18/11 6:41:27AM
look good
8/18/11 9:31:55AM
Looks fricken awesome. Can't wait to play it. I saw some new characters in the game as well.........looking forward to it
8/18/11 12:10:08PM
cool, new submissions I won't be able to use. Unless they made the subs easier to use.
8/18/11 6:54:55PM
Freakin Sweet (peter griffin voice)
8/18/11 7:01:06PM
I don't like some of the knockdown animations, look almost exactly like the one's from 2010.
8/18/11 8:03:52PM
I wouldn't mind seeing one shot ko's be a little harder to attain. it seemed like in the previous editions every clean shot was a ko. and as FastKnockout said more variations in ko/knockdown animations would be nice. and follow up punches to a ko would be fantastic. 2010 ko cut scenes were terrible. celebrating a ko before the fighter hit the mat.
8/18/11 9:19:24PM
Hopefully career mode is modified a bit. It got a bit repetitve, I kept facing the same guys 4 or 5 times, when I was the champ.
8/19/11 12:44:34AM
As long as the game is balanced, i don't care about the little details. To me the fun is based entirely on how "un-cheap" the gameplay is.

Words cannot express how much disdain i had for the EA MMA engine.
8/19/11 1:49:33AM

Posted by Pookie

Words cannot express how much disdain i had for the EA MMA engine.

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