Undisputed Champ; Bisping Wins a Controversial Split Decision

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POLL: Who won Hamill Vs Bisping in your opinion
Matt Hamill 88% (84)
Michael Bisping 9% (9)
It was a draw 2% (2)
9/9/07 11:39:28PM
Newly minted UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson (28-6 MMA, 3-0 UFC) made his first successful title defense, finishing strong in a five-round championship bout with PRIDE titleholder Dan Henderson (22-6 MMA, 2-1 UFC). The performance earned the charismatic “Rampage” a unanimous-decision victory — and the title of the world’s undisputed champion — at yesterday’s UFC 75 event in London, England

In what may be remembered as one of the year’s most controversial fights, “The Ultimate Fighter 3” winner Michael Bisping (14-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC) won a split decision over former castmate and bitter rival Matt Hamill (3-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC

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9/10/07 12:08:08AM
Hamill won that fight hands down. Bisping got a wrestling and boxing lesson 101. Bisping did gain some momentum for the final round, but Hamill still dominated.
9/10/07 12:17:02AM

Hamill won that fight hands down. Bisping got a wrestling and boxing lesson 101. Bisping did gain some momentum for the final round, but Hamill still dominated.
my friend that i was watching it with got that lil feeling in his gut that if it went to a decision, that it would go to bisping. and well he was right.
9/10/07 12:20:57AM
This was easily the worst decision in recent memory. Hamill won, not even close.
9/10/07 12:30:51AM
What a ****** up call that was, I was waiting for Vince McMahan to storm out and smash Dana over the head with a chair!!! What fight were these judges watching Hammil clearly won two rounds and you could make an argument that he one the third as well....... the UFC wants to push a certain guy to look like the babyface(Bisbing) and then have the crowd and the rest of the world think this heal (Hammil) come out to borne in the USA . after that fight who was the heal bisbing knows he did not win that fight and his comments after that fight were something I would expect from HHH!..... Hammil is the man and what a great fighter to do all that he does with his handicap WAR THE HAMMER!!!!
9/10/07 12:46:37AM
occasionally you'll see a ref be reluctant to stop a fight, or stop one too quickly in the interest of one of the fighters.. whether or not this is planned out or a bad judgement call by the refs is one thing.. but to watch a fight which when broken down shows clear domination of 2 if not 3 rounds by one fighter, and watch the judges award a win to the 'home town hero', ridiculous. My understanding of it is that judges are appointed by a 3rd party, and the ufc has no control over who judges the bouts. So to blame dana white, or the ufc for this makes no sense, but dana white and the ufc need to remedy the situation. First, Dana needs to make an public statement letting fans know how the judging system works, and how that fight was scored in bispings favour. If that cant be done in a way that makes any form of sense, then he needs to let people know that he himself doesnt understand the decision and that hamill was as gracious in defeat as bisping was arrogant. To truly restore the credibility of the ufc, he needs to launch an investigation into this decision, showing that the ufc sincerely believes that the best fighter should win the fight. If decisions can be fixed and remedied in the olympics, then they can in the ufc as well. British fans will understand an overturned decision if its the right one, the british market will not suffer as much as the entire fan base will if this situation is not dealt with properly
9/10/07 1:02:45AM
yeah i dont think its the ufc or dana whites fault

its not the first decision people didnt like

i was going for bisping to win by tko in round 2, and after seeing what matt hamill did i was willing to accept the loss

no matter what there will be some people who think bisping won and im not gonna flame them for their opinion.

i do think some people that saw the decision before they saw the fight had a mind set of bisping winning from the get go though, but that is just personal opinion
9/10/07 1:03:24AM
im gonna get burned but i thought it was a draw...i thought bisping won the last round, and the 2nd round was even imo
9/10/07 1:27:00AM
You could see how surprised Bisbing's family was when he was announced the winner. Like they won the lottery. Hamill was a class act in defeat and Bisbing will soon get his...
9/10/07 1:30:41AM

Posted by luckyMiddlebrook

You could see how surprised Bisbing's family was when he was announced the winner. Like they won the lottery. Hamill was a class act in defeat and Bisbing will soon get his...

Yeah Bisping wasn't very humble after the win, then again neither was Cheick Kongo. At least Kongo clearly won 2 rounds, although I thought he should've been penalized for the low blows (Big John warned him, later on he did it, three times, including as Big John already started seperating them LOL)

Bisping will be good at 185
9/10/07 2:02:42AM
yeah at least kongo dominated mirko in two of the rounds

even though from what i hear he fought those two rounds with a broken rib
9/10/07 2:29:05AM
yeah he did
9/10/07 2:51:12AM
Matt "the hammer"Hamill won that fight..........no questions asked!That was a piece of shit decision.....then again,let us not forget that he was fightin' on Bisping home!
9/10/07 10:33:18AM
Hamill won......!! I don't care what anyone says. They need to change how bouts are scored or something, because Hamill got screwed.
Part of me thinks they want to build their TUF guy up, blah blah blah. I don't know but that was a rip off........I'm glad Hamill was deaf so he couldn't hear Bruce announce the ridiculous decision.
9/10/07 10:38:53AM
biggest screw job in ufc history
9/10/07 11:01:27AM
Bisping was so outclassed it wasn't even funny. Hammill took him down at will, pounded on him while he was there, and then let him up to out strike him just to prove a point. Matt has to know in his heart he won, and so do all the fans. Bisping knows he wasn't even the same league and should go hide in 185. Matt won't let it go to the judges again, and that just means pain for the count.
9/10/07 11:19:10AM
Matt Hamill was beating Bisping the hole fight he should of won
9/10/07 11:34:27AM
I bet all my fantasy money on Hamil, I was right to do it, but because of the worst decision I've ever seen in MMA or Boxing I got screwed.
9/10/07 12:27:30PM
That was by far the worst decision I have ever seen. Hamil dominated that fight and he flat out got screwed. The hometown hero just got his ass saved from an embarrasing beat down. He is a bigger money maker than Hamil is so the protected the golden boy. I just don't understand how Cecil can score it 30-27 Hamil and the other two judges 29-28 Bisping. That leads me to ask what fight were they watching?
9/23/07 3:49:42AM
Hammil destroyed Bisping. This was a fraud. They really need to do something about decisions and scoring.
9/23/07 10:38:40AM
Hamill won
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