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2/21/09 4:01:01AM
Wilson and his kid we're playing it in the preview show, I want one. Do you think it was some sort of demo?
2/21/09 12:23:49PM
It wasn't the new game, it was one of the old ones. Throwdown or Tapout, I didn't own them so I couldn't tell you which one it was, but it was not the new game.
2/21/09 2:59:15PM
I swear it was a 360 controller, but I guess you can play the old game.
2/21/09 6:12:37PM
It was UFC Sudden Impact, I use to have for it 4 PS2 til I got a PS3 so I'm anxiously waiting for Undisputed to come out so i can whoop some butt on my ps3!!
2/21/09 10:27:47PM
cant wait
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