who is the most underrated MMA fighter out there?

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7/3/09 12:49:34AM
I was just wondering who you guys thought is the most underrated. My take is well I have no clue thats why I am asking you fans out there.

7/3/09 1:17:41AM
I still think Gegard Mousasi is underrated.

Martin Kampmann
Jorge Santiago
Satoru Kitoaka
Hermes Franca
Sergei Kharitonov
Aleksander Emilianenko
Luis Cane
Ricardo Arona
7/3/09 1:21:34AM
oh Sergei I like that so what about Jeff Monson he beat him
7/3/09 1:26:25AM
Sinosic is one that came to mind. His record is 8-11 but he was basically used as a stepping stone in the UFC and was never really given a chance to develop himself in the octagon. His losses in the UFC are to Bisping, Sakara, Forrest, Babalu, Tanner and Ortiz. Thats a pretty tough run.

Another person is Kazuhiro Nakamura. His record is 13-9 but all his losses are from TOP competition, he pretty much fought the best of the best in Japan and because hes lost to alot of them, he doesnt get alot of respect or fan fare.

Losses= Santiago TKO, Sokodjou TKO(leg injury), Machida UD, Shogun UD, Barnett RNC, Wanderlai TKO, Henderson UD, Lil Nog x2 Armbar SD.

Notable Wins= Young Randleman UD, Murilo Bustamante UD, Vovchanchyn UD, Cyborg Keylock, "kiss" Nakao UD, Yuki Kondo UD

Vitor Rebeiro, 20-2. Hes 4 time BJJ world champ. His only 2 losses come from JZ and Kawajiri.

Notable wins= Kawajiri UD, Joachim Hansen Arm Traingle, Ishida UD, Daisuke Nakamura Straight Armbar.
7/3/09 1:31:03AM
light weight - Lauzon and Neer ... both fighters should be fighting more and on main cards not just fight night events. Frankie Edgar finally got some respect he deserved by beating Sherk... I think he should be the number 1 contender for a title shot.

Welterweight - Brock Larson ... this guys a beast and they need to start giving him good opponents now.

Middleweight - can't think of any

Light Heavy - division seems pretty even to me

Heavy - Shane Carwin

In my opinion there is a hell of a lot more Overrated guys.. I could write a book on those.
7/3/09 2:40:52AM
Josh Thomson, as far as skill goes he could beat any lightweight in the world.

I thought Frankie Edgar was, but it seems people are wising up to that one.

Bao Quach- possibly

Rashad Evans still seems a little underrated for his ability. The guy would be champ in any previous era.

7/3/09 4:55:42AM
Gegard Mousasi
Jorge Santiago
Satoru Kitaoka
Michael Bisping

When does a fighter stop being "underrated?" When everybody started considering Machida "underrated," some fans started classifying him as "overrated," and I became confused.

7/3/09 5:30:37AM
I've thought Trevor Prangley was the most underrated fighter in MMA for many years now.

20-5 with wins over Sonnen, Semenov, Stout, Horwich, Lutter, Uscola, Anthony Ruiz, Guillet, Kondo, Vitale, & Emmanuel Newton.

Won't find many fighters who don't even get halfway considered for Top 10 rankings with a victims list like that. Won 9 of his last 10.

Only losses are to Babalu, Horn, Sonnen, & Jorge Santiago. Also a loss to a HW Rico Hattingh.

EDIT: of course, of fighters who have been on a big stage before. There are many much more underrated fighters not many have ever heard of.
7/3/09 10:25:51AM
LW:Sataro Kitoako
WW:Dong Hyun Kim Lyman Good
MW:Cant think of any at the moment
LHW:Mo Lawal Tomasz Drwal
Heavy:Dave Herman

Gegard also, I guess at LHW
7/3/09 1:22:29PM
Joe Lauzon

He's not considered a top 10 by any stretch, so I guess I can say he's underrated right?

18 wins, 14 by Sub, 4 by TKO 0 Decisions.

He's a whitebelt in BJJ (or a no-belt as he says on the UFC site) but sure fights like a brown belt as his grappling in his last match (although against a striker) looked outstanding.

I rank him behind Nate Diaz and Gray Maynard as far as TUF5 alumni goes, and he beat Jens Pulver!
7/3/09 1:27:57PM
7/3/09 1:35:08PM
I think Trevor Prangley and Dustin Hazelett are two of the most underrated fighters in MMA today.
7/3/09 4:58:59PM
I'll probably catch hell for this- but I'm going to throw Jamie Varner out there just based on the amount of hate we've seen posted on the internet lately. 16-2 MMA, All American ranked D1 wrestler, NCAA Boxing Champion.

I'd also like to add Josh Thomson and Steve Cantwell onto the list. I expect big things out of Cantwell in the future that his current record doesn't necessarily show.
7/3/09 5:22:54PM
I'm not really sure how to guage "underrated". Just about every guy listed on this thread is a hell of a fighter. I'd say that guys like Mousasi arn't so much "underrated" as they are unknown. My guess is, if you are savy enough to actually know who Gregard Mousasi is, you're probably savy enough to understand what he's capable of. I think the exact same can be said for several other fighter mentioned in this thread.
7/3/09 6:10:51PM
After reading through this list, I think Satoru Kitaoka is definately one of the top guys on this list. He's definately a top 10 lw imo, and most people dont even know who he is. He has submission wins over a lot of top competition, and seems like a very humble guy. Check him out!
7/3/09 6:28:03PM
Cole Miller
Jeff Monson
Wilson Gouveia
Steve Cantwell
Jesse Taylor
Joe Villasenior
7/6/09 12:38:33PM
I agree with whoever said that brock larson was underrated, only losses coming to fitch and condit, and he has been fighting on a big stage (ufc, wec). I agree it's time to start giving him contenders so we can see where he stands in WW division (id like to see the condit rematch). Not to mention I think he fights out of one the most underrated camps on american soil, aside from lesnar, sherk and larson, they have a ton of quality pro fighters at minnesota martial arts academy
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