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2/17/07 5:49:49PM
Hey All Im Snake. I play in the TWC Fight League. We come from The TWCF forum although Id rather you searched out my forumat www.theunderground.org.ukhttp://www.theunderground.org.uk

I prefer UFC over Pride even though its probably better.

My main man is Mirko Cro Cop

And I Love movies thats it...
2/17/07 5:54:24PM
thas cool nice to have you gys here. so do you want to make some wagers then? send soem ove to me if you want too.
3/10/07 2:25:34AM
Thanks for that and I believe we now have...
3/26/07 5:44:29AM
Having now moved on from TWCF, I have created my own camp now Team Underground Forum. Anyone wishing to join please feel free.

For any of you more experienced members who are part of a large camp, why not come and be a bigger fish in a smaller pond with us??