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8/28/12 6:56:44PM
Hey everybody, I'm lookin for people to join my camp, I would like to try and compete for a few season titles. I'm not worried about wins, MMA is a gamble sport, so that doesnt matter, and as long as you don't misrepresent the team in any way, and complete all of your picks for each event on a regular basis, then you'll fit right in. If your interested, send me a PM, and ill set it up.

P.s-I'm also going to be doing camp only side games, from time to time.
8/29/12 8:47:53PM
I know I dont have the best track record on here, but i know im a good leader, always have been...If your looking for something new and different, then sign up, because i gaurentee no one else on here looks at things the same way i do...whether its my best quality, or my worst crutch...I will keep things interesting.