Which Underdog(s) Will Win?

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POLL: Which one? (if any)
Keith Jardine 35% (17)
Mike Patt 4% (2)
Shane Nelson 13% (6)
Jason Brilz 21% (10)
Mark Munoz 13% (6)
Ryan Madigan 15% (7)
2/24/09 5:33:10PM
There are 6 fighters on the 96 card with underdog bonuses, Keith Jardin, Mike Patt, Shane Nelson, Jason Brilz, Mark Munoz and Ryan Madigan. Anyone have confidence of them to winning?
2/24/09 6:04:37PM
I got Brilz by sub. If he can withstand the barbarians wrath he should be able to catch him with something. Tim is a good fighter but not great, brilz has several wins by sub and looked good against morris
2/24/09 7:01:07PM
I'm picking Madigan by sub- Tamden McCrory doesn't impress me much, so I think Madigan has a good chance even though he's untested.

Kind of want to pick Brilz, but right now I'm sticking with Boetsch because all the guys he's lost to are pretty legit.

Nelson's last 2 fights have been split decision wins over mediocre dudes, so I'm staying away from him.
2/24/09 7:37:00PM
i Think jardine has the best shot. He has upset people before. but smartmoney is on rampage
2/24/09 7:46:59PM
if any munoz followed by nelson and brilz
2/24/09 11:06:25PM
2/24/09 11:16:24PM
Brilz is going to dominate Boetsch
2/24/09 11:21:04PM
If there is one it will probably be Brilz.
2/25/09 7:59:04AM
Not one.
2/25/09 9:31:27AM
Surprisingly Jim Miller is an underdog as well and a good pick to make some money on... hopefully. I went with Jason Brilz.
2/25/09 10:09:26AM
Jardine, Britz and Madigan
2/25/09 11:01:39AM

Posted by ToeZup

Surprisingly Jim Miller is an underdog as well and a good pick to make some money on... hopefully. I went with Jason Brilz.

Miller doesn't come with the underdog bonus, and the betting odds aren't as ludicrious on that fight as they are for the rest.

Quick question: How does Brilz beat Boetsch?
2/25/09 11:02:48AM
I'm going with Nelson because I think he's got a good chance, and also Jardine but that's an extremely biased pick because I don't like how it seems Rampage is getting preferential treatment, and I also want Machida to get his title shot sooner rather than later.
2/25/09 11:44:15AM
i think munoz has a shot....but dont know if i will pick him

and i am going with Nelson over Riley i think
2/25/09 8:51:29PM
Most Likely=Jason Brilz
My Choice=Shane Nelson
2/25/09 8:52:09PM

Posted by mrkennedy

Most Likely=Jason Brilz

2/27/09 9:56:07PM
I'm taking Brilz. Tim doesn't impress me much and I have a hard time betting against someone who is 16-1 and hasn't lost since 2001. That being said, Brilz will take a shot and end up on his back, but recover and catch an overzealous Tim Boetsch in a Triangle or Armbar from bottom.
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