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5/13/08 11:03:07AM
Have you ever been really surprised to see somebody as an underdog and can't understand why so many people are pulling for the other fighter?
And if yes, which fight?

That was the case for Irvin/Houston for me. I couldn't believe that over 80% of players on here bought into the Houston hype.

Another underdog i'm going for soon is Etim. I don't see why so many are betting against him although i can understand that Clementi is a solid fighter.
5/13/08 11:13:03AM
Back in season 1, I was surprised that Josh Koscheck and Yushin Okami were underdogs.
5/13/08 4:30:18PM
yea i thought irvin shouldnt be the Underdog, i always knew he had better stand up, and that was an easy pick for me.
5/14/08 2:08:27AM
Brett Rogers as underdog against JT was a no-brainer for me.

I was fairly surprised Lutter was a huge dog under Franklin, because I saw that fight as being 50/50. Either Lutter subs him in the first or loses in the second or later.

Theres a couple coming up that I'm not mentioning because I don't want to sway the odds away from the UD, but I'll be sure to say "I told you so" if they pan out.
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