UFC 89 undercard fights

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10/18/08 11:07:59PM
Anyone have links to the fights? props worthy indeed.
10/19/08 1:01:36AM
Carwin vs Wain

the rest of the videos i can find are all main card:

Lytle vs Taylor
Davis vs Kelly
Soko vs Cane
Jardine vs Vera
Bisping vs Leben
10/19/08 1:41:23AM
Rogan said it best at the begining of the video. Carwin is a beast! I can't wait to see who they have him fight next. Wow!
10/19/08 1:58:39AM
Well I found this pretty surprising. UFC.com actually has the Jim Miller vs David Baron fight for free in the vault. You can play it straight from the home page.

10/19/08 1:58:43AM
cool fights tonight
10/19/08 10:34:59AM
wtf, I get some wierd russian video instead of the Carwin fight
10/19/08 1:35:47PM
I would prop you JJfreak , but all those fights were shown on the telecast.
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