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3/29/08 1:51:53PM
... Great fights on the undercard, good job joe silva.

Kos vs lytle ... very interesting match up, prob be similar outcome to hughes vs lytle as kos style and gameplan will be the same as hughes. Though i hope chris proves me wrong and wins.

Cote vs almeida ... Another interesting match up, i dont know much about ricardo, i know he's been around a while and has fought oversea's in grappling tournaments. Whats he like as an mma fighter ? Any info on this guy ?

Cheers guys.
3/29/08 2:04:50PM
i 'm in the same boat u are, as far as; cote and almieda. I can't rememgber the one fight i know i've seen on his. I've heard a lot though. Um... cote... i'd say he should lose (i'm only going off of what i've heard about ricardo).. but i say that everytime he fights and then he wins. haha

Kos vs Lytle? i like that fight cause you know lytl is gonna ******* swing and force kos to do something haha
3/29/08 4:34:06PM
I am excited as well the Kos Lytle match-up is one that has explosion written all over it. And Cote Almeida is your classic grappler vs. striker and remember Cote on the UF Comeback when he was easily beat on the ground by Lutter. Both these fights are extremely hard to choose a winner in, I second the praise given to Joe Silva.
3/29/08 5:15:18PM
seems to be a good card
3/29/08 5:24:46PM
Good card and i really hope cote knock out almeida.
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