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POLL: Who will remain undefeated throughout the year?
Fedor Emelianenko 72% (13)
Diego Sanchez 0% (0)
Micheal Bisping 11% (2)
Rashad Evans 0% (0)
Brandon Vera 11% (2)
Gilbert Melendez 6% (1)
2/21/07 2:15:52PM
Fedor and Melendez will hold strong throughout. Fedor may also hold it all the way to retirement.
2/21/07 2:17:25PM
Who knows, maybe Melendez will keep getting bullshit decisions the entire year, it could happen.
2/21/07 2:19:25PM
you never know but I believe he will d-throne GOMI
2/21/07 2:54:43PM
I say vera cause he will goto showtime, and probably fight cans till he cashes in or till showtime MMA goes under.
2/21/07 2:56:09PM
Vera if he goes to Elite XC.
Fedor if he fights anybody.
Diego is he doesnt fight a top 5 WW
gilbert if he fights anybody.
2/21/07 3:19:21PM

Posted by Snacks

Who knows, maybe Melendez will keep getting bullshit decisions the entire year, it could happen.

Is it the fight vs Clay Guida you're referring to? Because I havn't seen that one but he dominated Obiya and even though I also thought Kawajiri won it was a really close fight and could've gone either way.

On topic I think Fedor has the biggest chance of remaining undefeated throughout the year because I see him fighting maximum 2 times this year and at least one of those will be against a not very noticable opponent for him. Like Lindland.
2/21/07 3:54:43PM
Is the question who will be undefeated just for the year, or who will remain undefeated for their whole career thru the year? Reason I ask is because of Fedor. We all know he's the #1 HW in the world and he's never really lost a fight, but there is an official loss on his record. So if you're asking who will remain undefeated for his career, you could not technically include Fedor. Technically. However, however you wanna take the loss on his record is your own decision. IMO a loss is a loss, wether it's by ko or a cut. Those are the breaks.

This is actually a pretty tuff pole for me. Most of them stand a pretty good chance at remaining undefeated. If Vera goes to Showtime, I don't know of any HW's over there with his talent so I do see him losing.

It could go either way with Rashad. He looks good and definatly has talent and potential, but he hasn't had a real test yet. Lambert was a descent opponent but i'd like to see him fight one or two top contenders to see what he's really capable of. Maybe Sobral or Tito.

Bisbing IMO, is in the same boat as Rashad. Definatly has talent and potential, but we haven't seen him fight any top quality opponents to see what he's really capable of.

Melendez has a pretty good shot at remaining undefeated. However, if him and Gomi fight there's definatly the danger of him getting his first loss.

Diego, IMO, has the worst chance out of all the fighters listed at remaining undefeated. The WW division is pretty strong and there's no doubt he'll be fighting either GSP or Hughes or maybe both this year. He can do it, but the odds are definatly gonna be against him. So if the poll was, who isn't gonna remain undefeated thru the year it would've been much easier for me.
2/21/07 3:57:30PM
you should of just made the question "who will remain undefeated longer"...instead of for just this year.I think most of those will remain undefeated this year
2/21/07 4:00:39PM
I think Fedor is the most likely. Barnett is now saying they are buddies and may not even fight now. Big Nog ( great as he is) hasn't shown anything in the first 2 losses or the ND that makes me think he could beat him.Werdum is good, but I don't think Fedor is sweating him, and rumors have going to the UFC( unconfirmed however). I don't anyone currnently in MMA would be favored against him anyway, at least not in my book.
2/21/07 4:20:37PM
I was referring it to the end of the year because there's no doubt Fedor will get challeged before the year is done against who would be the question though. I do not think Diego will get past St. Pierre or even Matt Hughes which he is sure to fight this year. Melendez and Gomi also has a chance of happening most likely at Shockwave 07. Bisping is probably fighting against Elvis Sinosic at ufc 70 which should be an easy win for him but but either him or Rashad may also be pinned against Ortiz or Sobral (depending on his bout with Lambert) before the year is done
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