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9/16/08 9:24:56PM
Inside Torres’ Pacific Coast Martial Arts, Team Stockton graffiti styles the white brick walls. As Nathan Diaz readies himself to headline a UFC event for the first time -- he will meet Josh Neer at UFC Fight Night 15 this Wednesday in Omaha, Neb. -- “The Ultimate Fighter” season five winner remains more focused on fighting than fame.



That Caio Terra guy mentioned in there is serious business, rolled with him before and needless to say i was humiliated.
9/16/08 11:34:00PM
i've never gotten the pleasure to roll with a world champ. rolled with a pan am placer.. which is better than most. But never a worlds guy
9/17/08 5:21:22AM
yeah he bounces back and forth from Pleasant Hill, Stockton, and Vallejo (Northern California) teaching BJJ.

Intense dude.
9/17/08 7:50:12PM
I would like to see him fight Mr. Unbreakable Brian Warren. The Thomas Denny fight was actually pretty good until Nick started catching Denny. Denny brought it until he gassed a little and started taking shots. Then Nick just SMASHED him. Good stuff.

Warren has pretty good striking and is 7-1 in Kickboxing and K-1 so it would be a good slugfest.
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