Unbeatable? by Rob Sieradzki

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3/20/12 3:17:24PM
Throughout MMA history we have had magnificent fighters and long unbeaten runs but could a fighter ever go through his career unbeaten?

It has certainly happened in boxing with the likes of Rocky Marciano, Ricardo Lopez, Joe Calzaghe and Terry Marsh as well as magnificent unbeaten runs of Chavez (87 fights) and Sugar Ray Robinson (91 fights).

3/20/12 7:58:57PM
i dont think anybody will go unbeaten in MMA. there are just to many variables in the fight. i think one thing that was overlooked in the article was game plans. greg jackson is very well known for having superior game plans for his fighters. condit very well could have lost to diaz if they wouldnt have come up with a game to like they did. somebody will figure jones and silva out, its only a matter of time.
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