UFC 13: Ultimate Force

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6/3/12 12:03:36PM
UFC 13 saw the debut of two future UFC legends. Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz started there amazing UFC careers at this event. UFC 13 followed the same format as UFC 12 with two four man tournaments, one at HW and one at LW (under 200lbs). The night started with two unaired alternate bouts, one for each tournament. The HW fight was won by Jack Nilson, but the LW bout was more significant as it marked the debut of 'The Huntingdon Beach Bad Boy' Tito Ortiz. He won in thirty one seconds via tko.

UFC 13
6/4/12 1:45:38PM
Tito, Couture, and Belfort kickin ass......classic UFC at its best!
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