Ultimate Fighting's New Recruit

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7/2/07 9:54:32PM
One of British boxing's greatest warriors, Wayne McCullough, has joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship organisation as an official spokesperson.

7/2/07 10:40:42PM

I'm going to start taking MMA lessons just because it looks great fun

7/3/07 12:58:51AM
gay. he doesnt even do mma. i hate boxing.
7/3/07 7:17:52AM
See, even boxers know its a dying sport and are jumping off that sinking ship.
7/3/07 8:12:57AM
I don't understand why the UFC feels the need to take all of their ideas directly from boxing. Dana is the one who's always saying it's apples and oranges... that the two aren't comparable. I agree completely. So why do they just take so much directly from boxing? Why adopt boxing's scoring system? Why recruit boxers and boxing announcers to cover a sport they know nothing about? I would rather see a no name who has a wealth of knowledge about the sport than a boxer who finds MMA interesting but doesn't know the first thing about it as an announcer.

Maybe it's just me, but if you want people to stop comparing your sport to boxing maybe you should.... I dunno... stop using boxing as a model for building up your sport? Having the cage is one of the ideas that really works, it's something that sets MMA apart from other combat sports, so why not make your own scoring system also? the way that PRIDE did... It doesn't have to be the same as PRIDE's, but at least come up with a scoring system relevant specifically to your own sport instead of just stealing one from another sport because it's there.
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