Ultimate Fighting Nearing "OK" in Illinois

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5/14/07 11:42:15AM
The Illinois Legislature appears on the verge of lifting a ban on ultimate fighting, and Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White said Wednesday he hopes to hold a UFC card in Chicago by the end of the year.

''I'm excited,'' White said. ''We should have been in Chicago a long time ago. We're going to rock that town -- blow it out.''

For all of you UFC fans in Illinois it looks like you might have the opportunity to see a UFC card held in your home state.

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5/14/07 1:13:35PM
Hell MMA is just now really starting to take off here. we have the IFL coming through constantly and Dragon's Cage just started doing promotions. UFC will fit right in.
5/14/07 2:44:33PM
I can't wait!
5/14/07 4:07:05PM

Posted by Mayo

I can't wait!

You have to admit...Illinois fighters are ******* crazy....
5/14/07 4:46:46PM
this is awesome i cant wait to go i have only gone to small fighting events
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