Ultimate Fighter Tom Lawlor is pissed off … literally (Video)

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10/30/08 2:03:54PM
10/30/08 3:37:28PM
hahaha!! lawlor is a f*cking genius!

10/30/08 3:38:25PM
10/30/08 4:02:37PM
So now we have an anderson silva and a gsp on the show. Interesting that i havent noticed anybody who even remotely resembled the talent and style of either thus far.

I hope the other guys didnt notice and ate the fruit anyways. I know it seems like a trivial thing, but locked up in that house for so long, your own food is probably one of the small saving graces. Its just asking for trouble when you admit you dont even like the fruit your just eating it to be a dick.
11/2/08 11:10:49AM
Id have to say this is the most enjoyable season to watch. Alot of entertaining guys, and some good talent.
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