Ultimate Fighter Season 2 DVD FINALLY coming out.

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8/16/07 10:04:25AM
I dont know if anyone really even liked the 2nd season of TUF, but for those of you that did (like me), you'll be happy to know that the DVD's are FINALLY coming out in the US. So, now you dont have to go on eBay and pay 100 bucks or maybe a left arm just for a box set from Australia.... yeah right. The release date is Sept. 18..... The day before UFN 11 and the TUF 6 premier. Im not gonna lie, Im a little excited. This stupid set was impossible to find for a loooong time.

Ofcourse, I have links. duh.
Store at UFC.com
8/16/07 11:43:48AM
it's been in our store here in nelson b.c cd plus for over a year now. and now our wal-mart has season 3 out i saw it in there the other day.
8/16/07 11:47:35AM
yeah i've had season 2 for about 6 months, its season 3 thats coming out in september
8/16/07 12:28:27PM
You two must be located in Canada. It IS available there.... it's coming out in the U.S. on Sept. 18. TUF 3 is already out here in the U.S. I have it actually. It came out a few weeks ago. The UFC really needs to just release their dvd's at same time everywhere....
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