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11/30/08 12:50:51PM

I cant really find it anywhere... does anyone know if this wednesday it is on? My TIVO seems set to tape 2 of them this wednesday one at 10 and one at 11, but I doubt they'd counterprogram their own WEC.

Are these repeats do you know? when will those final 4 matches be shown?

If anyone knows, or can point me, thanks!
11/30/08 1:09:57PM
The last 2 episodes of the season are this Wednesday.
11/30/08 1:16:03PM
Damn, what the hell.. that totally conflicts with WEC!
11/30/08 1:17:10PM
I belive the plan is to run WEC from 8-10 on wednsday, then TUF from 10-12.
11/30/08 1:20:04PM
That's correct, WEC is scheduled from 8-10 on Versus, then the TUF episodes on Spike. That, of course, assumes WEC ends on time-there's always a chance it could go a little over depending on how long the live fights go, especially considering the main event is a title fight.
11/30/08 2:07:30PM
Well there are usually repeats throughout the week for TUF and then WEC usually reairs an hour later.
11/30/08 2:26:52PM
I love this place.

Thanks my friends.
11/30/08 4:55:56PM
As stated before, WEC runs from 8 - 10 ET, as TUF will air from 10-11 and 11-12.
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