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8/20/11 4:11:26PM
The UFC's new partnership with Fox promises to not only bring new opportunities for the fighters but also to breath new life into a stagnant Ultimate Fighter Product. While at the press conference this past Thursday some details were released on the updated format, FX and the UFC have released the above video which provides some more details about Season 15 of the Ultimate Fighter. The video also shows some of the highlights of this upcoming season. I wasn't able to put any names to the faces but from what they show, the fights look to be exciting.

8/20/11 4:43:03PM
That's pretty sweet I like the preview for TUF 14 we saw in the vid too. Can't wait to watch these live!!
8/20/11 7:16:14PM
Voting matchups won't make it better.
8/21/11 1:45:47AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Voting matchups won't make it better.

True, we should establish an MMA electoral college rather than whichever matchups actually get the most votes that fans want to see.
8/21/11 5:09:12PM
I don't know how to make it better. I think it's fine, as long as you get the best fighters from tryouts and keep the elimination round.
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