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2/6/13 10:08:04PM
I see them promoting it a lot on tv
That hooters is showing the tuf episodes each week
Has anyone actually gone ?? Is it legit ?
2/7/13 1:16:55AM
Id rather go to my favorite bar and tell them to put it on FX lol.
2/7/13 7:17:11PM
wife won't let me go to hooters. I seem to attract hot chicks in her mind,
2/7/13 7:59:57PM
Hooters blows.

Fake tits.

Shitty food.

Too loud.

I couldn't imagine visiting ANY establishment to watch an episode of TUF.
2/9/13 2:29:43PM
I haven't gone to hooters in like ten years
Buffalo wings my friend goes and says it decent
I am against going to see Ufc fights at restraunts
But either two things will happen

Watch fights and meet new knowledgeable fans and discuss Ufc with them

Or two try to enjoy fights with a bunch of hecklers and maybe getting into a fight myself
2/12/13 5:43:08PM
I usually go to a Buffalo Wild Wings and they play almost all UFC events.
2/13/13 2:28:57PM
I'd just rather watch at home.
Most the time when I watch PPV's i'm alone at my house and I get lonely.
Then something or some one will remind me of how many D-bags watch UFC and figure i'm better off just watching at my house and talking about it on the playground.
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