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5/10/12 11:57:18PM
I love Olge I dont know what it is about me but im a sucker for the UK fighters
5/12/12 12:08:32PM
Ray my boy manage to take out your golden ticket I was going bananas when Chiesa got the W
5/12/12 12:44:12PM
It was a great fight, I cheered when he won as well, I like Chiesa and it was suc a dramatic fight. Its good to see Lawrence bought back down to earth.
5/12/12 1:45:29PM
Vick still looks green but I can see what they mean about his potential. He uses his range well and will be hard to take down with his lankiness. Kinda reminds me of Corey Hill in season 5.

The Chiesa fight was crazy. Quite a few times I thought he was done and somehow managed that sweep in the third. Like Ray said, just had more heart.

Saunders vs Pinchel should be a great fight but I think Ogle is done against Iaquinta.
5/12/12 7:02:41PM
Is it just me or did it look like Chiesa couldn't strike worth crap in his last fight.
5/15/12 11:03:01AM
I thought he lost the first 2 rounds due to his poor striking but that was one hell of a comeback win.

I hope he does well in the semi's.
5/26/12 10:28:10PM

6/1/12 11:09:55PM

Posted by sparky

If I can still get it in, ill take Michael Chiesa let me know

6/2/12 12:23:23AM
6/2/12 7:16:20AM
Congrats to Michael for a big win, however Sparky doesn't actually win as he sent me a message on the second day of the competition

Sent by sparky

My pick won his fight but lost his dad and is no longer going to be on the show what does that mean for me in the side game am I out or can I grab a fighter who made it and is not picked?

So well Sparkys lack of confidence meant he doesn't win

Just kidding! Once you select a fighter you have them, no changes no nothing - just have faith!

Congrats sparky!
6/2/12 7:19:32AM

Posted by hotrodttt

Posted by Playground_Samurai

Posted by hotrodttt

I'll take Rinaldi

Poor_Franklin already chose Rinaldi.

Weak, being that he was my pick to win in a previous thread. Guess I won't play.

Rinaldi, Al Iaquinta and Jury were the favourites, once again the favourites did not win. I know Hotrodt did eventually make a new pick but just remember that guys! Anything can happen!
6/2/12 12:49:36PM
Congrats Sparky!

Another interesting tidbit is that Pinchel and Vick werent selected by anybody, and they both made it to the semi-finals!
6/2/12 3:13:07PM
Does anybody know why they didnt fight last night? Hope they both get at least 1 fight each in the UFC.
6/2/12 4:32:47PM

Posted by Rabi

Does anybody know why they didnt fight last night? Hope they both get at least 1 fight each in the UFC.

Medical suspension most likely. They just lost a couple weeks ago and had multiple fights in a short time. They, just like Ogle and Rio, will get a fight on some upcoming card
6/2/12 8:37:31PM
I hope so.
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