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2/28/12 4:16:39PM

Posted by hotrodttt

I'll take Jeremy Larsen, he's probably the best out of the remaining.

Thanks for joining!

13 Spaces remain! Don't feel shy to join, after all

Season 14's favourites lost in the opening round
Season 13's favourite was injured before the fight
Season 12's favourite... Wait did that season even have a favourite...
Season 11's favourite beat the eventual winner but got injured
Season 10's favourite won.

Just because you don't pick the favourite or who you want doesn't mean a lot! After all when coaches make match-ups they normally pick fighters against fighters who stylistically are harder matches so favourites struggle a lot more.
2/28/12 5:03:54PM
I thought season 10's favourite was Kevin Ferguson
2/29/12 10:52:39PM
Ali Maclean
3/3/12 6:39:11PM
If I can still get it in, ill take Michael Chiesa let me know
3/3/12 8:00:49PM
John Cofer if he's still available?
3/4/12 9:51:06AM
Michael Chiesa i guess
3/4/12 10:56:05AM
Give me a Tickle Jay.
3/4/12 5:24:42PM
Joe Proctor
3/4/12 6:43:58PM

Posted by Malaussie

Michael Chiesa i guess

i already got him buddy
3/4/12 7:47:45PM
drew dober then
3/9/12 10:29:53AM
8 fighters left....lets get them picked
3/9/12 9:11:09PM
Oh man, Rinaldi gone in the first fight.
3/9/12 9:24:55PM
Cristiano Marcello stand-up looks too stiff, don't think he will win this season.
3/9/12 10:43:00PM

Posted by Budgellism

John Cofer if he's still available?

Nice, I beat my previous score of losing in the qualifying round

I haven't seen the fight yet but Cofer ftw
3/9/12 10:51:35PM
My pick, Justin Lawrence, just looking like a BEAST
3/9/12 10:56:43PM

Posted by Playground_Samurai

My pick, Justin Lawrence, just looking like a BEAST

He just destroyed a favourite to win this whole thing. I like his chances moving forward. He looked great and he trains at Blackhouse so he's got to have some jits under his belt as well.
3/9/12 11:37:47PM
Vary excited to see Justin Lawrence fight again. His stand-up is WOW.
3/10/12 2:46:35AM
My guy won tonight too
3/10/12 3:11:02AM
4 guys really jumped out at me as early favourites.


The guy who submitted Eddie Bravo's prospect. He was very dominate. His stand up looked great and clearly he's amazing on the ground.


His knockout showed some serious power. I don't know if he'll amount to much but damn, what a punch. His record looks pretty nice as well.


Wow. This guy is awesome. He put away Krause like it was nothing. Plus he trains at Blackhouse, so that's always a good sign.


His fight wasn't that great but his wrestling looked good enough to really do some damage in this tournament. Being hyped for a couple of years now doesn't hurt either.

It's tough to judge a fighter based on one round but imo one of those 4 guys is winning this whole thing.

Cruz and Faber really came off as boring to me. I don't know if I'm the only one. Every time Cruz spoke I was disappointed for some reason. Hopefully they're both good coaches (We know Faber is). I like the live format. It should be interesting to see how it goes next week.
3/10/12 8:57:07PM
Chris Tickle knocked out my guy that damn kiai will win him another fight or two

James Vick wasnt able to show much except that he has really good TDD. With being 6'3 that should make him an interesting fighter to watch...I CALL DIBS to take him to replace Lyons
3/10/12 10:51:00PM
fuck Dakota was a huge disappointment But in his defense he really isn't used to facing dudes with clothing on...

I still wanna play
Can I have Vinc Pichel??
3/11/12 11:36:56PM
I'm not sure what it is about the change in format that bothers me but something just feels off with this season.

Could be the 1 round fights, it could be the lack of commentary or spectators, but for some reason it felt more like watching guys practice.

Hopefully its just the first episode and the live fights that follow will be better.

Also my guy got eliminated by an opponent that seemed to pretty clearly tap to a knee bar.
3/12/12 8:20:37PM
First page updated
3/13/12 8:20:57AM
Joe Proctor FTW!
3/13/12 4:20:15PM
It's being reported that Michael Chiesa's father passed away - he's now off the show. Also, there's a rumor circulating that Sam Sicilia is also out. Waiting on confirmation.
3/13/12 5:23:49PM
Maybe they'll bring my guy back.

Dana seemed to like him despite him losing a decision
3/13/12 7:50:25PM

Posted by emfleek

It's being reported that Michael Chiesa's father passed away - he's now off the show. Also, there's a rumor circulating that Sam Sicilia is also out. Waiting on confirmation.

“Mike Chiesa’s father unfortunately passed away and Chiesa has decided to leave the competition. Also, last night Sam Sicilia posted a comment from Spokane, so my guess is he too has left. Suffice to say, something of this magnitude takes worlds higher precidence over a tv show. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike and his family. Also rumor immediately begins that Jeff Smith and Dakota Cochrane are being brought back.”

Dakotas back????! yahoo I'm back in this sidegame
3/13/12 9:03:54PM
My boy lost his dad Im reading thats terrible sorry to hear that happened to him at this moment in his life
3/14/12 12:00:44AM

Posted by emfleek

It's being reported that Michael Chiesa's father passed away - he's now off the show. Also, there's a rumor circulating that Sam Sicilia is also out. Waiting on confirmation.

Awh man, that's awful. I can't even imagine how that would feel. My thoughts go out to him and his family.

Sicilia looked awesome in his debut. I hope nothing too bad happened.
3/14/12 11:43:22AM
wow that sucks. both guys showed a lot of promise. I wonder if Chiesa stayed that he would pull a Favre or Tiger and just kick ass, but he did what I would have done
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