Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale Wagers

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11/23/07 9:39:13PM
When are the wagering options going to be updated?

The fight card has been updated as has the "picking" card...

11/24/07 9:05:21PM
The wager options have been updated.
11/25/07 12:56:55PM
This is an annoying card. Out of the five fights, only two of my picks are the favorites.. All five should be, but for some reason, a whole bunch of people haven't been watching The Ultimate Fighter. Plus, like all the wagers so far sans the Georgeoff/Goulet fight are hot bouts.. Freaking annoying I say! I'll end up making my wager sooner or later.. Hopefully later when more fights have been announced.. I'm going to wait to find out who is facing Billy Miles, then bet on him. Lol.
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