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11/4/12 12:51:58AM
Main Card (FX)

Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson
TUF Finalist 1 vs. TUF Finalist 2
Pat Barry vs. Shane Del Rosario
Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner
Mike Pyle vs. James Head

Preliminary Card (FUEL and facebook)

Jonathan Brookins vs. Dustin Poirier
T.J. Waldburger vs. Nick Catone
Johnny Bedford vs. Marcos Vinicius
Jared Papazian vs. Tim Elliott
Vinc Pichel vs. Rustam Khabilov
Reuben Duran vs. Hugo Viana
John Cofer vs. Mike Rio

11/4/12 12:52:53AM
Only two guys from this season of TUF get a spot on the card.

That's cool with me though. This card is stacked for a free card.
11/4/12 12:57:30AM

Posted by Budgellism

Only two guys from this season of TUF get a spot on the card.

That's cool with me though. This card is stacked for a free card.

Agreed . Imo would rather see established fighters anyways. The show's guys had their chance. That being the show itself. However that doesnt mean I wouldn't necessarily not want to see a few eliminated fighters get another chance. Some were thoroughly enjoying to watch and win or lose that's what Its all about
11/4/12 1:43:29AM
Well, you can't say they weren't warned......if the fighters aren't excited they aren't invited.
11/4/12 1:42:20AM
A lot of the guys improve a good deal during the months following the show but I'm not going to complain since this card is stacked.
11/4/12 1:21:28PM
WOW! I just made a countdown on my phone for this card.
Its almost TOO stacked haha

As for the forgotten TUF cast... good riddance! Anybody see this weeks episode?? Even after Dana showed up & politely asked them to quit floating through the competition, a handful of fighters still turned their noses skyward & immediately cracked open a bottle of whisky haha this season is a joke & I hope future TUF cast members take note.
11/4/12 2:22:59PM
Uncle Dana warned them they wouldnt be on the finale
Only 2 fighters out of 16 is sad.
I hope ricci is one of them. It's a shame Sam Ivey didn't make it
11/4/12 3:04:21PM
I have no desire to see these guys back. Would much rather watch the match-ups they have now.

Future contestants need to realize TUF fighter does not = UFC fighter.
11/5/12 6:44:09AM
There has been too much dead wood from previous TUF shows making a living out of the UFC when they would struggle in lesser promotions. I am pleased that Dana has turned the tables, as many of the fighters seemed to think they just needed to turn up to be guaranteed a UFC fight. At least this way we may see some much better fights from contestants on the TUF shows and way better stacked cards from seasoned pro's.
11/5/12 11:00:48AM
Plenty of opportunities later on for the "cream of the crop" to get fights on facebook.

And this past week was the best episode of TUF in years.
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