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4/3/13 10:27:38AM
Episode 11 of The Ultimate Fighter 17: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen featured the last two quarterfinal bouts and the announcement of the semifinal matchups.

Having to face Uriah Hall in the quarterfinal round didn’t sit well with Team Jones’ Bubba McDaniel from the moment it was announced. Last week he was having trouble getting mentally prepared. In this week’s episode, McDaniel’s concerns turned to his physical state.

“I’ve fought three times in a short time period now and I feel completely drained. Like, I’m pretty much just wanting to be asleep, and then my back has been hurting again too around my kidney area,” said McDaniel...

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4/3/13 11:12:08AM
Last night's episode was great! Sick fights this season and a lot of promising guys.

Uriah Hall is a scary dude
4/3/13 11:26:10AM
Last night was awesome, I agreed with Dana as well...better match ups. We will either see a big upset or the best match up (as it looks now) in the finale. Nobody can say Bubba gave up on himself either as he wasn't even given a chance to. I think there are a couple guys who get a shot at the finales too, and a guy or two who will drop to WW.
4/3/13 11:36:37AM
Another great show last night. Dana isn't just saying it, this is the most interesting semi finals I've ever seen on tuf. I can't wait for these next two fights. Part of me wants Kelvin to win it all but my money is still on Uriah. He's just scary. That punch he hit Bubba with was nasty. You could see the outline of the glove around his eye when he stood back up. Just brutal.

Also, does anyone not love Chael after this season? He's proven to be an excellent coach. I love his one on one talks with his fighters before they fight. I look forward to them every show.
4/3/13 11:44:23AM
Poor Bubba poor poor Bubba

The highlight of the show had to be when the doctor told Bubba he had sprained his vagina.
4/3/13 2:51:06PM
This seasons finale is going to be great!
It already has some awesome fights set & the final match (most likely Samman vs Hall) should be the best in years. CANT WAIT!!!

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