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2/27/13 1:46:12AM
In last week’s episode, Team Sonnen’s Kelvin Gastelum upset Team Jones’ Bubba McDanial, giving Team Sonnen match making control.

Following the loss, the wild card scenario began being discussed. McDaniel, a training partner of Jones’ outside of the show, is a front runner for one of the wild card slots that will give him a rebirth back in to the tournament.

“Bubba lost his fight, but he’s completely healthy. He has very little damage. I think Bubba’s definitely a candidate for the wild card,” said Coach Jon Jones...

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2/27/13 12:03:57PM
I find Jon's blatant bias for Bubba sickening.

Im glad their initial plan to advance him in the tournament was a failure. He was the most experienced and supposedly one of the best fighters on the team and they chose the opponent with the least experience thinking they were giving him the easiest fight. Im assuming they thought he was the weakest link on the team Sonnen and the easiest fight for anyone on team Jones.

At this point, I wouldn't be mad if Bubba got the wild card because he is talented and I don't think any of the losers have necessarily outperformed any of the other losers to clearly distinguish who is a front runner. I just think Jones isn't being fair to the rest of the team.
2/27/13 12:41:44PM

I always found it off when a teammate of a coach is on the same season. There is blatant bias as the coach is toying with his team's future...he isn't looking out for the best interest of his team. Aside the fight into the house, these guys have very little control with their path to the UFC. The best fighter doesn't always make it to the final (Miles Jury could be a prime example).

Belfort was the same way with Mutante as Jones is with Bubba