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3/12/12 8:14:45PM
So the UFC has officially announced its 32 man UFC cast. Just like survivor seasons. This game is very simple: All you have to do is name the fighter from the 32 man cast you think is going to win the show. You can not change your pick and once that fighter is selected you are perminently stuck with that fighter. If he goes home, you are out of the game. I'd love to have 32 members in on this but I doubt it. We'll see what happens, as there are 2 weight classes so we shall have 2 winners.

Starting making selections now! All the fighters in bold have been selected, so pick a none bold fighter

1 Player per Pick

Alexandre Ramos (5-0)
Rodrigo Damm (9-5)
Rony Mariano Bezerra (10-3)
Godofredo Pepey (8-0) - jjeans
Marcos Vinicius Borges Pancini (19-3-1) - Franklinfan47
Medeiros Anistavio (12-7) - PoorFranklin
Johnny Goncalves (4-0)
Medeiros Anistavio (5-0)
Fernando Duarte Guerra (10-1)
Jhon Teixeira (13-0-1) - Bubbles
Rafael Bueno (7-1)
Wagner Campos (11-3)
Pedro Nobre (10-0-1)
Fabricio de Assis Costa da Silva (14-1) - Budgellism
Dileno Lopes (8-0) - FlashyG
Giovanni da Silva Santos Jr. (10-1)

Sergio Moraes (6-1)
Cezar Ferreira (4-2)
Leonardo Mafra Teixeira (5-0)
Daniel Sarafian (7-2)
Gustavo Sampaio (5-1)
Richardson Moreira (3-0) - Playground Samurai
Fabio Luiz Vital da Costa (9-0-1) - Rabi
Renee Forte (7-1)
Joao Paulo de Souza (8-4)
Francisco Drinaldo (10-1)
Thiago Rela (3-1)
Charles Maicon (8-1) - emfleek
Gilberto Galvao (19-4-1) - sparky
Thiago de Oliveira Perpetuo (8-1-1)
Samuel Trindade (6-1)
Delson Heleno (23-6) - ShaneTpain
3/12/12 9:44:13PM
i'll take Delson Heleno
i know nothing about him but thats a mean record
3/12/12 10:00:11PM
I'm in.

Charles Maicon is my pick.
3/12/12 10:19:01PM
Sure, I love these games.

Ill take Marcos Vinicius Borges Pancini, just based on the fact the he's 19-3 and has 4 names.
3/12/12 10:33:08PM
Fabricio "Guerreiro" De Assis Costa da Silva for me.
3/12/12 11:36:59PM
I got Gilberto Galvao
3/12/12 11:40:22PM
Fransisco Drinaldo
3/12/12 11:49:49PM
Richardson Moreira
3/13/12 2:41:40AM
Fabio Luiz Vital da Costa (9-0-1)
3/13/12 3:52:42AM
Medeiros Anistavio bc he has more losses than anyone else
3/13/12 12:24:06PM
Research done - I take Godofredo Pepey a LW with wins over WWs fighting as a FW.

Posted by Bubbles

Fransisco Drinaldo

is a lightweight fighting as a middleweight...
3/13/12 12:25:40PM
Charles Maicon finishes fights!

3/13/12 2:55:54PM

Posted by jjeans

Posted by Bubbles

Fransisco Drinaldo

is a lightweight fighting as a middleweight...

LOL well then I will change my pick to Jhon Texiera da Conceicao 13-0-1 LW fighting at FW...his name is spelled Jhon according to Sherdog, not John the way you copied and pasted
3/13/12 7:01:49PM
With 0 research, and going by nothing but his record I'll take

Dileno Lopes (8-0)
3/13/12 9:57:24PM
Pedro Nobre
3/14/12 11:48:04AM
Rony Mariano Bezarra
3/14/12 11:58:32AM
Samuel Trindade
3/19/12 2:11:21PM
come on guys, lets get some more votes in here
3/26/12 5:55:36PM
My boy fuckin killed it last night
3/26/12 8:32:35PM
Every single fight was fuckin SICK
I will be watching this show every week
3/27/12 12:10:51AM
yay I made it out of the elimination round armbar ftw!! and my initial pick won by KO too

great round of fights...that last one reminded me of Griffin vs Bonnar I
3/27/12 11:05:47AM
Spoiler posted in the spoiler section of the "supposed finalists"
4/10/12 6:10:21AM
I love Wandi but man he really laid into his team
member after he lost. I mean come on bro. Vitor seems like the better coach so far.
4/10/12 7:07:21PM
Agreed, Vitor seems like the better coach, but perhaps Wandy's team needed to hear some of that stuff. Wandy's fighter gave up this week imo.
6/27/12 12:40:11PM
Just thought I'd bump this...

Only one of the two winners was picked by someone. Whoever that handsome devil was clearly knows his stuff...
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