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1/25/09 2:28:24PM
I need help. UFC is finally coming close enough to my home to go watch it but I want to know when and where the weigh-ins are going to be and also if there are any other events that are going to be happening in the week leading up to the fight. I can't find any information anywhere but I might not be looking in the right spot. The fight I'm referring to iis Ultimate Fight Night 17 in Tampa. Thanks in advance.
1/25/09 4:32:48PM
They will be announced on and the various news sites (Mania usually posts them first) a few days in advance. Check the sites next week.
1/25/09 8:19:11PM
thanks man
1/26/09 12:48:33AM
I have an extra ticket. My friend's grandmother passed away so he wants to sell his ticket for exactly what he payed for it.

PM me if interested
1/26/09 8:48:19AM
You might want to try StubHub, that's a good place to buy & sell tickets at.

(PS-condolences to your friend on his loss)
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