UFC Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights.

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5/1/09 9:16:19PM

MMA fans can now cast their vote for the top 100 UFC fights of all time.

In July Spike TV debuts a five-part series entitled " UFC's Ultimate 100 Greatest Fights" prior to UFC 100, which is the organization's historic event that takes place July 11 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

The top 100 fights will be determined by a fan vote at http://www.spike.com/ufc-100/

They are missing a lot of fights though. From UFC 1 to 15 they only have like 3 fights, that weren't that great. Of course I rated GSP/Penn 2 my highest. :P

Cast your votes here.
5/1/09 11:40:12PM
That list is seriously flawed. I don't really look forward to seeing this show as the list is bogus. How can this be the top 100 if you can't choose from all of the fights? Booooo
5/2/09 12:28:30AM
list isn't too bad. but there are a couple of glaring admissions.
5/2/09 12:36:12PM
Yup,most glaring of which was Frank Shamrock vs. Tito Ortiz.One of the most legendary fights in UFC history isn't on there......but Junie Browning vs. Dave Kaplan is.WTF?

Oh well,they've at least got Couture vs. Rizzo 1 on there,and that's good enough for me.

5/2/09 3:19:23PM

Posted by WheelchairBandit

Oh well,they've at least got Couture vs. Rizzo 1 on there,and that's good enough for me.


That IMO is the greatest fight of all time
5/3/09 6:46:06PM
I agree-if they ever make an MMA version of "Rocky",the fight at the end will pretty much have to look like that.That fight was high drama from start to finish.Not often do you see guy's swap 10-8 rounds to kick off a 5 round title fight,and then still keep it ultra-competetive until the final bell.

5/3/09 8:48:05PM
WHy would they put fight like Lytle/Koscheck?

Anyway, i thought it was a pretty good list. Oddly, no Andre Arlovski I noticed.
5/7/09 11:14:09AM
nothing special there missing alot of good fights !!!

5/7/09 7:50:12PM
Tito VS Frank should be on that list.
What a crock.
I understand the UFC doesn't want to promote fighters that have left the org,but it almost seems more like their just attempting to erase the past in certain situations.
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