UFN9 - Fickett vs Nakamura???

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2/20/07 9:55:36AM

drew fickett vs keita nakamura at ultimate fight night 9.. how long ago was this announced?? i just noticed it today.. glad to see nakamura back in the UFC after taking brock larson the distance.. fickett will be another good test for him.. ill take nakamura by submission
2/20/07 1:55:53PM
If he comes out rocking a shirt like his last one, I might forgive him his for his No Kancho No Life faggotry.
2/20/07 2:08:25PM
I saw this on the UFC's site yesterday and checked out MMAWeekly and they hadn't posted it yet; I found it odd so I didn't post anything here. I like Drew Fickett and he always seems to go all out in his fights.
2/20/07 3:23:18PM
Should make for a fun grappling match.
2/20/07 5:01:44PM
this will be a fight i might think about purchasing on ufc on demand but i gotta take fickett in this one....eventhough he lost to karo...i thought he put up a good show.

fickett by decision
2/20/07 5:41:18PM
i am a big fickett fan, so i give it to drew.
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