UFN 17 Weigh-Ins Details

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2/5/09 6:29:16AM
Details for the UFN 17 weigh-ins have been announced:
Weigh-ins begin at 4 PM ET tomorrow. They'll be held at Marshall Student Center on the University of South Florida (USF) campus in the Royal Palm Ballrooms A & B (on the 2nd Floor) NO LIVE STREAMING VIDEO ANYWHERE. Expect a video package available around 6 PM ET instead. Doors open at 1:30 PM with a Q&A with Ben Saunders at 2 PM. This one will be open to the public, not just Fight Club members.
2/5/09 4:51:27PM
Thanks for the info DC, this should be a good night of fights.
2/5/09 7:28:16PM
It's not bad for a UFN, but got better when Rumble-Luigi was promoted to main card. I'm looking forward to that and also seeing Velasquez fight, another fast finish and I think he's ready for PPV and a top-tier guy, maybe someone like Herring.
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